Saturday, May 30, 2009

What kind of weirdo blog name is that?

A while back I started joking that while in Palestine I am going to take a series of arty pictures of the sunburns I'm going to get. The plan is to do an art exhibition called "Proof that Ashkenazi Jews are not Indigenous to the Middle East - a sunburn in three parts". I couldn't think of anything to call my blog that that wasn't so blatantly anti-Zionist that google wouldn't host it.

Getting this blog set up was on my pre-trip to do list, so I can officially check that one off. I will try to blog as often as I can while away so that you can all get updates and make sure that I'm doing alright.

Before I go, I really want to thank everyone who's helped me prepare and connect me with the wonderful people I'm going to link up with there. 

I also want to acknowledge once again how truly fucked up it is that I - a person with no ancestral and family ties to the land whatsoever - get to go to Palestine freely while my friends and comrades who still hold keys and deeds to their family homes do not have this same chance. I am going on this trip because I want to experience daily life in Palestine so that I can be a better activist when I get back. I do this with the hope that someday soon, apartheid will end and the refugees will return.

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